MasterServer CS 1.6

MasterServer CS 1.6

Install MasterServer CS 1.6

1. Download MasterServer.rar
2. Unzip archive
3. Copy MasterServers.vdf and rev_MasterServers.vdf to config\ directory

* Standalone: C:\games\Counter-Strike 1.6\platform\config\MasterServers.vdf

4. Make MasterServers.vdf and rev_MasterServers.vdf read-only

* Right-click over MasterServers.vdf and rev_MasterServers.vdf, select “Properties” and check “Read-only”

Remember to make the file READ-ONLY!

12 thoughts on “MasterServer CS 1.6

  1. Server Counter-Stike 1.6 Classic !



    Cautam admini seriosi cu experienta !

    ( e server nou ) ma puteti ajuta ?

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